Apr. 16th, 2014 05:42 pm
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Notes, packages, letters, notes on doors, et ctra.

New Trunk

Apr. 9th, 2014 11:38 pm
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  1. 1 change clothes: 80s style with jeans jacket

  2. 1 change clothes 80s style with orange floaty-thing jacket

  3. holster with gun

  4. 1 change clothes: 1950s dance outfit

  5. box of bullets

  6. Family Album made by Doc Brown

Old Trunk

Oct. 9th, 2012 05:26 am
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  1. 1 change clothes: 80s style with jeans jacket

  2. 1 change clothes: 1885 old cowboy outfit

  3. Hoverboard

  4. Electric guitar

  5. 1 change clothes: 1950s dance outfit

  6. 1 change clothes: 2015 style with ridiculous self drying jacket

1 change clothes 80s style with orange floaty-thing jacket and holster with gun worn

Tower made:

Instructions for pancake maker (now defunct)
Instructions for coffee maker

Family Album made by Doc Brown
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Player Information

Name: Zen
Personal Journal: [personal profile] aresvallis
Age: 29
Contact Info: [ profile] offduty
Reno [personal profile] midgarhorizon
Grainne [personal profile] athousandcurses

Character Information

Character Name: Martin Seamus "Marty" McFly
Character Series: Back to the Future
Character Age: 17
Character Gender: Male
Original Canon
Canon Point: That last trip BACK TO THE FUTURE with the train pushing the DeLorean OFF THE CLIFF FACE but instead of winding up back in 1985 he winds up here
Background Link:
Marty is a pretty nice, laid back kind of guy with a thing for guitars and skateboards and is somewhat accident prone or ditzy. He also digs techno-gadgets and can appreciate the finer points of invention, such as very large super sized guitar amps, having his own type of nerdy side which he probably gets from his dad. He isn't judgmental either, sticking up for other people who are being bullied and encouraging others to go for their dreams (like Goldie Wilson.)

He is definitely quick to react and often without thinking things through entirely, getting himself into trouble on more than one occasion usually sticking up for others as mentioned. Lucky for him, he also is good at thinking on his feet and comes up with creative and unusual ways of getting himself out of the situation, such as tying a cast iron stove door to his chest in order to fool someone into thinking he was shot.

Marty also has the distinction of being willing to help people out with their problems, sometimes going to extremes to help out his friends and relatives, though in the end it ultimately benefited him (such as not being wiped from existence) that doesn't necessarily detract from it. He has shown several times over his determination to not leave anyone behind, often going after the Doc or warning him whenever he gets in trouble despite orders to the contrary.

His relationship with the Doc is unique and special, being that of kindred souls. They seem to understand each other even when one is talking in complete gibberish to the rest of the world. Though it isn't clear how or why Doc and Marty met, it shows that Marty doesn't consider himself above making friends in strange places. After all, eccentric and unusual people tend to group together.

One of Marty's issues, and likely his biggest flaw, is his pride. He absolutely hates being called chicken, or yellow. It was a sticking thing to him, and those who wanted to manipulate him into doing something only had to mention that word. Without the experiences of time travel it's safe to say Marty would not have become all that he was meant to be. Coming up against the Tannens- and coming out the better- several times over the course of the movies, he ultimately realized that it was not what other people thought or said that mattered. He proved to himself that he was not a chicken, and ultimately realized that other people didn't matter so much as what you thought of yourself. Presumably he gained enough confidence in himself to prevent his future termination from his future job.

Seeing reality as it was in different time periods has helped him understand that things aren't always as they appear to be, and that there is always more to people than what shows. Even the people he was closest to surprised him in their past and future selves, including himself. He started to reconsider his own behavior involving pride when he learned that his Ancestor Seamus's brother died in a manner that sounded very much like Marty himself. As the Doc said, the future is what you make of it, and to Marty that meant knowing what battles to fight.

Abilities: Marty is an awesome possum super duper skate/hoverboard dude. He is fierce with that thing, doing flips and hanging to cars and stuff like that. He also plays a really rockin' guitar solo, and if he's got his super amps, he will literally knock the socks off you. As for sharpshooting, he's pretty good at it. All those hours spent playing Wild Gunman at the 7-eleven paid off. His most important asset is his brain thinking up unusual solutions to situations, however. But otherwise he's a pretty normal human guy.

Sample Entry:

Captain Cinnamon Claws, Captain Cinnamon Claws, terror of the To-to-towwaaa!


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